k ō j i Green Tea Bellini


Warner’s Harrington Gin, Pet Nat Liqueur, Hawthorn & Red Clover, Green Tea Kombucha Sparkling Wine

Meadow Colada


Ming River Baijiu, Gorse, Goosegrass, Nettle, Koji Barley Oat Foam

Coffee “∞” Ways


Coffee Puck & Miso, Cold Brew Coffee, Cascara, Coffee Ice Cream

Carrots, Carrots, Carrots, Carrots, Carrots, Carrots Negroni


Empirical Ayuuk, Chicory Vermouth, Carrot Campari

In Bloom


Granola Infused Paul John Nirvana Whisky, Cascara, Tonka Bean, Lapsang & Pearl Barley Kombucha

Rumble Bee


Trash & Treasure Rum, Poppy Seed Vermouth, Pineapple Weed, Dandelion Mead

Beer & Black Pepper Old Fashioned


Seignette Cognac, Waste Beer & Black Pepper, Apple Cider Bitters

NY k ō j i Sour


Buffalo Trace, Leftover Wine Reduction, White Horehound

So Sorrel Daisy


Corazon Tequila, Wild Sorrel & Daisy Liqueur, Rhubarb

Pre Dinner


Gin & k ō j i Tonic


Gin With House Fermented Tonic

I Suppose I'm Free


Empicial The Plum I Suppose & Kola Kefir

Another Man's Treasure


Warner's Trash & Treasure Botanical Rum & Waste Beer Kombucha

After Dinner


Fernet Branca


An Italian digestivo, Fernet-Branca was created in 1845. It's made from 27 different herbs and aged in oak for a year.

Spent Coffee & Miso Liqueur (50ml)


Buffalo Trace Bourbon


Seigette Cognac


Jean-Luc Pasquet L’Organic 07 Grande Champagne Cognac


Made using natural wine a cognac offers notes of apricots, dried figs, cedar-wood, vanilla and dark chocolate.

I Think Manzanilla En Rama (50ml)


This En Rama has a weight and structure with lemon rind and salted almonds

Paul John Whiskey


Bold - Coffee, Islay Peat, Peppery Oak
Brilliance - Chocolate, Caramel, slight orange oil mouth feel
Edited - Mocha, Oak, Liquorice, Slightly Peated

Sazerac Rye


Nc'Nean Organic Single Malt


The palate offers notes of lemon curd, poached peaches, juicy apricots and spicy white pepper.

Beer & Cider

On Draught (served as a schooner)

Estrella Damm - 4.6% - £4.00

Grisette Bio Blonde (gf)


Grisette Blonde Bio is a light, very refreshing pale ale. With a secondary fermentation in the bottle, it releases aromas of a richness that it is seldom found in other beers of this density. The head is smooth and white, and the body has a straw yellow color. It has an intense yet distinctive bitterness.

Utopia - Play (dy dy na na na) - Czech Rep

£7.00 (125ml) - £30.00 (750ml bottle)

Cider macerated for a week on skins of Blaufränkisch then fresh 2020 apple juice added for secondary fermentation before bottling. Unfined, unfiltered, with no added SO2. enjoy with bí bapa bado bo.


(r) – Red | (w) – White | (ro) – Rosé | (o) – Orange | (pn) – Pet Nat <sparkling>

125ml /500ml/ Bottle
By The Glass

(w) Valdibella - Bianco – Italy (Glass & 500ml only)

£6.50 / £17.50

(w) Valdibella - Bianco – Italy (Glass & 500ml only) - £6.50 / £17.50
Catarratto is a grape that represents the vine of the oldest tradition in Scilly, and in the past, it was very rare to find it outside this area. Very fruity with notes of wild flowers and citrus

(r) Valdibella - Rosso – Italy (Glass & 500ml only)

£6.5 - £17.5

This Nero d'Avola has luscious black fruit with generous amount of spice on the palate. Well-rounded, soft with medium tannin and a long finish.

(ro) Nibiru - Grundstein Rose

£8.00 / £40.00

Juicy tart raspberry sorbet, herbal. pomegranate, cranberry and citrus fruit with a refreshing acidity and steely minerality.

(w) Jutta Ambrositsch - Kosmopolit - Austria


Fresh with a little spritz sensation. Intense aromas of nectarine, peach white flowers…spring in a glass!

(r) Pranzegg - Rosso Leggero - Italy

£8.50 / £45.00

Beautiful ruby red that shines in the glass. On the nose there are notes of fresh berries. Light spicy notes in the finish, combined with a hint of candied fruit. Fresh and balanced, easy to drink with young and lively tannins.

(pn) Kmetija Stekar - Mali - Slovenia

£8.50 / £45.00

Think cranberries, sour cherries and the like. A cidery element comes through, with a yeasty character as well. Fascinating and fun, this packs in a lot of flavour.

(o) Nika Winery - Ma Fille - Georgia

£9.50 / £48.00

Using the ancient art of the Georgian Kvevri and local grapes Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Khikhvi gives this wine a vibe of herbal, orange peel, & baked yellow stone fruit

The Flight


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(r) Pranzegg - Rosso Leggero
(o) Nika Winery - Ma File
(w) Jutta Ambrositsch - Kosmopolit
By The Bottle

(pn) Folias De Baco - Aqua Nat


Made from the grape skins so in the true name of Zero waste. Perfect park wine. Bottled early with just enough sugar to carbonate and go dry. Think flowers, red fruits, super clean & refreshing

(ro) Slobodne - Hopera - Slovakia


Light, super fresh and mineral, packed with citrus zest coming from the young Gruner and Sauvignon, with an additional toasty, savoury, tropical quality provided by the fermentation with wild hops, which are picked from the forest surrounding their vineyard.

(r) Petr Koráb - Karmazín - Czech Rep


Karmazín, the local name for Frankovka or Blaüfrankisch, comes from Petr's oldest vineyards planted 1934, this is complex, elegant with good concentration and purity of fruit

(w) Kmetija Stekar - Belo - Slovenia


A wild field blend from Slovenia and an excellent pick for natural wine fans. Slightly sour, with plenty of citrus, tart apple notes and lots of minerality. A slightly creamier texture and some savoury funkiness.

(o) Max Sein Wein - Blanc - Germany


They melt together into an aromatic, fruity, fresh, exciting wine for natural wine newbies and die-hards alike.

(ro) Milan Nesterac - Forks & Knives - Czech Rep


This is a very cool wine, perfect for the summer. Lots of delicious raspberries notes in there, also red currant and apple. The fruitiness is balanced out by a lovely stony minerality.

(pn) Alexandre Giquel - Chenin Pet Nat - France


A wine that shows the serious side of pét-nat. Often, this natural sparkling wine style is seen as a fun, refreshing, picnic-in-a-park kinda wine, but Alexandre ages this for a whopping three years. This means it's super complex - croissant dough, lemon peel and almond fakes. Get ready to lose yourself in this bottle!




Kefir is a naturally fermented drink with enzymes derived from the cactus family. A sweet and tart effervescent drink, which is rich in beneficial bacteria.

Hops & Douglas Fir
K ō l a
Bitter Strawberry
Pea, Cucumber & Mint



Fermented tea using a SCOBY for up to 10 days before bottling and allowing to carbonate. Sweet, sour and actually very good for you!

Recycled Coffee Puck
Waste Beer
Artichoke, Pink Pepper & Rosemary
Lapsang & Pearl Barley
Rhubarb, Lavender & Sorrel

The Flight


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Long Black


Espresso with milk




From the Rare Tea Company

English Breakfast
It has a unique depth of flavour that combines the power of a Breakfast Tea with an elegant complexity. A rich and aromatic honey nose with a deep malty finish.

Malawi Mountain Moto Smoked Black Tea
Sweet and aromatic, it has softer, less resinous notes than a Chinese pine smoked Lapsang Souchong.

Hojicha Green Tea
Soft, toasty caramels with nutty, umami notes.

Camomile Flowers
The taste of summer meadows. Soft, sweet, and lovely.

Ethiopian Koseret
Delicious aromas of basil and tomato vines. The taste is mildly sweet and herbaceous, with a light lemon finish.

Counter-intuitively, the menthol oils infuse more easily from the dried leaf, giving a brighter, cleaner flavour than fresh mint.