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k ō j i Spritz


Our very own house cordials made with only local & fresh ingredients. Top with a choice of still or sparkling water. Want it boozy? say no more. (extra £4)

Damson & Lavender
Smoked Tea, Cherry Sencha & Strawberry
Trio of Plum
Red & Black Current
Cherry & Pink Peppercorn
Cascara Cooler


k ō j i Hard Seltzer


k ō j i Spirit, Pet Nat Liqueur, Rhubarb Amaro, Cucumber Soda

Beer & Black Pepper Old Fashioned


Seignette Cognac, Waste Beer & Black Pepper, Cassis Bitters

Breakfast Negroni


Granola Whisky, Smoked Blackberry Amaro, Campari, Carrot

Rosa Tequila


Corazon Tequila, Poppyseed Vermouth, Redcurrant & Peach Bitters

Sloe To The Punch


Ming River Grain Spirit, Rhubarb Wine Vermouth, Dandelion Mead, Warner's Sloe Gin

Pre Dinner


Gin & k ō j i Tonic


Gin With House Fermented Tonic

Plum, I Suppose


Empirical Spirts "Plum, I suppose". Jammy, plum notes with a hint of mascarpone. Almost amaretto style. Topped with our in house cordial.

Funambul Brut Nature Cava – Spain


125ml - A zippy & fresh dry cava made from old vineyards, The bubbles are frothy and almost like sea-foam with notes of ripe apple & fresh sea spray finish. An absolute pleasure to drink.

After Dinner


Fernet Branca


Corazon Tequila


Spent Coffee & Miso Liqueur (50ml)


Paul John Whiskey


Bold - Coffee, Islay Peat, Peppery Oak
Brilliance - Chocolate, Caramel, slight orange oil mouth feel
Edited - Mocha, Oak, Liquorice, Slightly Peated

Sazerac Rye


Nc'Nean Organic Single Malt


The palate offers notes of lemon curd, poached peaches, juicy apricots and spicy white pepper.

Beer & Cider

On Draught (served as a schooner)

Estrella Damm - 4.6% - £4.00
Estrella Inedit - 4.8% - £4.50

Saison Dupont


(bottle) This quintessential saison is best described as being lively, zesty and very refreshing. A bubbly carbonation gives this straw-coloured beer a dense head whilst carrying the aromas of bread, citrus, spice and hops to your nose. Bold bitterness with zesty hops and citrus are complemented by a solid malty sweetness. A long, dry finish transforms this beer into the unbelievably drinkable beer it was created to be.



(can) 7 Hop 7 Grain DDH IPA (0% ABV non-alcoholic)
A unique combination of seven different grains meets seven fresh and aromatic hops. Medium-full bodied beer with an approachable bitterness, generously double dry hopped to deliver lovely big waves of the tropical fruit aromas and flavours.


(r) – Red | (w) – White | (ro) – Rosé | (o) – Orange | (pn) – Pet Nat <sparkling>

125ml /500ml/ Bottle

(r) Valdibella - Rosso – Italy (Glass & 500ml only)

£6.50 | £17.50 | £-

This Nero d'Avola has luscious black fruit with generous amount of spice on the palate. Well-rounded, soft with medium tannin and a long finish.

(w) Valdibella - Bianco – Italy (Glass & 500ml only)

£6.50 | £17.50 | £-

Catarratto is a grape that represents the vine of the oldest tradition in Scilly, and in the past, it was very rare to find it outside this area. Very fruity with notes of wild flowers and citrus

(r) Azul y Garanza - Abril – Navarra

£6.50 | £20.00 | £30.00

Merlot with delicious silky tannins & dark red fruit flavours with chocolate & liquorice notes on the finish.

(ro) Krásná Hora- Pink – Czech Republic

£8.00 | £23.00 | £38.00

This 100% Pinot Noir, whole bunch pressed, and spontaneously fermented, full of juicy, red fruit, summer berries, and a wild, carefree character. For a rose, of this pale salmon hue, it completely surprises on the palate. Long, long finish, and so moreish, an absolute delight.

(ro) Nibiru - Grundstein Rosé – Austria

£8.00 | £22.00 | £40.00

Deliciously refreshing Austrian rosé made from local grapes Zweigelt and Blauer Portugieser. Elegant with tart, juicy raspberry sorbet, soft red fruit, and a thirst-quenching mineral finish. Pale & dry.

(pn) Entre Vinyes - Oniric Pet Nat – Spain

£8.50 | £- | £40.00

Be careful with this one... once you start it's impossible to stop. Super indulgent, fresh with light bubbles and hint of banana foam.

(r) Dva Duby - Impera – Czech Republic

£8.00 | £22.00 | £40.00

This blend of St Laurent and Frankovka is a great representation of the area, and the high quality wines Jiri Sebela produces. Lots of red fruit coupled with earthy, meaty notes. Thirst quenching quality.

(w) Krásná Hora - Pinot Gris – Czech Republic

£8.00 | £27.00 | £40.00

Aromas of white flowers and stone fruit with some nuttiness and vanilla. A small portion of the wine was fermented in oak barrels, providing creamy-fruity flavors with mouth-watering acidity that gives this wine an impressively lively finish.

(o) Nibiru – Skin Contact Muller Thurgau – Austria

£8.50 | £- | £-

Expressive natural orange wine with good balance, richness without heaviness and beautiful fruity-spicy nuances.

(w) Slobodne - Hopera - Slovakia

£8.50 | £22.00 | £42.00

Light, super fresh and mineral, packed with citrus zest coming from the young Gruner and Sauvignon, with an additional toasty, savoury, tropical quality provided by the fermentation with wild hops, which are picked from the forest surrounding their vineyard.

(w) Zdenek Vykoukal - Blanc - Czech Republic

£8.50 | £28.00 | £42.00

A blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Müller Thurgau & Riesling. This is a classic example of a cuvée wine, in that it isn’t expressing anything too strongly but it's still a nice blend of all three grape varieties, and a total crowd pleaser. It's best to leave it open for a while so it can oxidate a bit more, bringing those lovely roasted chestnut aromas out more.

(w/pn) Petr Koráb - LEMONade - Czech Republic

£9.00 | £25.00 | £42.00

Slightly creamy, with an unfiltered, lemonade-like feel: hence the name. Lemon meringue and key lime notes. It's frizzante in style, with short maceration, so don't expect Prosecco-like sparkling: think of it as a fizzy aperitif varieties, and a total crowd pleaser. It's best to leave it open for a while so it can oxidate a bit more, bringing those lovely roasted chestnut aromas out more.

(r) Dva Duby - Zweigeltrebe - Czech Republic

£8.50 | £28.00 | £44.00

An expressive red wine with subtle hints of forest fruits, tobacco and an ashy characteristic. Elegant and smooth with a balanced acidity.

(o) L'archetipo - Bianco – Italy (1000ml Bottle)

£7.00 | £27.50 | £45.00

Blend, fruity, herbaceous and Mediterranean scrub notes on the nose. The sip is light-bodied, drinkable and balanced, with excellent flavor and acidity that refreshes the drink.

(r) L'archetipo - Rosso – Italy (1000ml Bottle)

£7.00 | £27.50 | £45.00

Blend, intense fruit and mineral nose. Medium body, balanced, quite tannic, fine and tasty. Ideal for aperitif but also for lunch, dinner and well ... anytime.

(w) Kmetija Stekar - Belo - Slovenia

£8.50 | £22.50 | £45.00

A wild field blend from Slovenia and an excellent pick for natural wine fans. Slightly sour, with plenty of citrus, tart apple notes and lots of minerality. A slightly creamier texture and some savoury funkiness.

(w) Ota Sevcik - Riesling - Czech Republic

£10.00 | £30.00 | £46.00

It’s highly mineral but don’t expect the same acidity and strictness as with your typical German Riesling. Instead, this wine with a darker yellow colour will offer fresh, floral-herbal like aromas, with a medium-body and pleasant & rounded acidity levels

(o) Ota Sevcik - Veltlinske Zelene - Czech Republic

£10.00 | £30.00 | £48.00

Delicious skin contact wine. A more full-bodied and concentrated Veltliner with a pronounced acidity and a great persistence.

(o/pn) Petr Koráb - Orange on Leaves - Czech Republic

£10.00 | £- | £48.00

A blend of Gewürztraminer, Welschriesling and Grüner Veltliner. This wine spends six months on not only the skins, but also the leaves of the grapes. The leaves add a lovely herbal character to the wine, earthy and wild, with green tea notes and some subtle apricot fruit as well. A beautiful, elegant wine.

The Flight


Can’t decide? Why not have 3?
We will bring over a flight of our must have wines for you to try. 75mls per glass.




Long Black


Espresso with milk




From the Rare Tea Company

English Breakfast
It has a unique depth of flavour that combines the power of a Breakfast Tea with an elegant complexity. A rich and aromatic honey nose with a deep malty finish.

Hojicha Green Tea
Soft, toasty caramels with nutty, umami notes.

Camomile Flowers
The taste of summer meadows. Soft, sweet, and lovely.

Ethiopian Koseret
Delicious aromas of basil and tomato vines. The taste is mildly sweet and herbaceous, with a light lemon finish.

Counter-intuitively, the menthol oils infuse more easily from the dried leaf, giving a brighter, cleaner flavour than fresh mint.

Cornish Manuka
A unique herbal tea made with the leaves and stem of this rare New Zealand native, grown in an ancient Cornish botanical garden.


Julienne Bruno


Choose from their "Burrella" or "Superstraccia" with black olive tapenade & recycled rice crackers.

Dips & Sticks


Dip served with tomato smoked paprika pico's. Choose from the following
-Black Olive Tapenade

Marinated Artichoke Hearts


Pickled Mix


Smoked Almonds


Salted Broad Beans


Spiced Nut & Pea Mix


Wasabi Peanuts


Harissa Rose Mixed Nuts


Frank’s Big Dogs

Served On The Squishest Brioche Rolls

The Boring One


Frank's Original Weiner & Ketchup

The Sauer One


Frank's Original Wiener, Sauerkraut & German Mustard

The Curry One


Frank's Original Wiener, Curry Ketchup & Crispy Onions

The K-Town One


Frank's Original Wiener, Kimchi & Crushed Peanuts