We are Koji, Chester’s first all-natural wine & cocktail bar. Brainchild of h y p h a, our new drinks lab combines low intervention wines, zero-waste cocktails, craft beer and fermented soft drinks. We’ll also be serving Blossom coffee and speciality tea for the caffeine lovers, not to mention our spent coffee puck kombucha.

Located at the entrance to Rufus Court, we’re the ideal location for a quick glass or cosy evening, or to pick up some bottles for home.
None of the fuss, all of the good stuff.

Natural Wine

Our wines come from small, independent producers who respect the environment while creating raw, natural wines. Pure, unadulterated grape juice which gives a true expression of its terroir: wine with a sense of place.
All of the wine you will drink at kōji has been grown organically, with low or no added sulphites. Better for the planet, better for your hangover.

Blossom Espresso

Blossom  x  hypha | Brazil & Columbia | Espresso
Sweet, round and balanced
We taste caramel, milk chocolate and plum

For every kilo of Blossom Espresso sold, Blossom donate £1 to Manchester City of Trees.

About Blossom

CarbonNeutral® Company

Founded in the summer of 2020, Blossom Coffee Roasters is a speciality coffee company born and based in Manchester.  “A focus on sustainability underpins everything we do. From the way we source our green coffee to the way we run our business here in the UK, our aim is to have a positive impact on people and the planet”

“We will always place sustainability at the centre of what we do and support others to do the same.”

“Our ambition is to have as little impact on the environment as we possibly can. From our electric delivery van to the 100% renewable energy used at the roastery, we are always striving to implement ways of working that can help us make informed decisions about the impact we are having on the planet.”


We are not just food lovers, but flavour lovers. Our in-depth exploration of flavour expands past out food, into every drink we serve.

Our wines go through the same strict accreditation process as the rest of  k ō j i . We ensure every sip is carefully aired with our dishes and reflects our sustainable values.

We don’t use many traditional spirits. Instead we are proud to serve Empirical spirits, a flavour company from the former development chef at NOMA in Denmark. They create bold distilled drinks with a level of detail unlike any others. Using custom-built machinery, developed hybrid fermentation techniques, augmented low-temperature distillation and other clever science, they have explored drinks in a completely new way.


5 Rufus Court, 
Chester, CH1 2JW



Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday / Closed

Thursday – Friday / 5pm – 11pm

Saturday / 11am – 11pm

Sunday / 11am – Late

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