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Rufus Court, Chester

 k ō j i

We are Koji, Chester’s first all-natural cocktail and wine bar.

Brainchild of h y p h a, our new drinks lab combines low intervention wines, zero-waste cocktails, craft beer and fermented soft drinks. We’ll also be serving Blossom coffee and speciality tea for the caffeine lovers, not to mention our spent coffee puck kombucha.

Located at the entrance to Rufus Court, we’re the ideal location for a quick glass or cosy evening, or to pick up some bottles for home.
None of the fuss, all of the good stuff.

Welcome to k ō j i

Our bar and bottle shop puts the spotlight on minimal intervention and closed loop systems.
King of flavour and fermentation, Andy (our general manager) has created an array of drinks which showcase the potential of ingredients that are freqently discarded or under-valued. From pine-flavoured kombucha to spiced pear kefir water, our drinks menu pays tribute to Mother Nature and evolves with the seasons.
In our ongoing mission to minimise waste, our drinks frequently include the micro-seasonal ingredients used at our restaurant, h y p h a.

No Reservations – No Interventions

Wed – Thur – Fri / 5pm – 11pm
Sat – Sun  / noon – 11pm


High on the historic city walls of Chester, hypha is a a whole new experimental dining experience with sustainable aims to creating a zero waste kitchen. Every stalk and stem in the most innovative ways and creating a food lovers paradise in the process.



5 Rufus Court, 
Chester, CH1 2JW



Wed – Thur – Fri / 5pm – 11pm

Sat – Sun  / noon – 11pm

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